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Upholstery Cleaning


Salituro Carpet Expert Sofa, Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning…

Don’t trust anyone to care for your expensive furniture or fabrics. Our experienced technicians will pre-test wet and dry cleaning methods to determine the safest and most effective ways for your furniture. Trust Salituro Carpet

  • Expert spotting and stain treatments
  • Dry cleaning services on delicate fabrics
  • Deodorizing and 3M Scotgard treatments to refresh and protect furniture
  • Specialty cream treatments and hand and hand buffing to renew leather suppleness and lustre
  • Application of fabric protection to extend upholstery life and protect against stains

Accidents “happen” that can ruin your upholstery and require professional cleaning.

Salituro Carpet furniture cleaning expertise can clean stains and damaged area on entire pieces or sections of furniture. Depending on the situation, the cleaning may take place on site or we may bring the damaged furniture or articles to our cleaning facility. In addition our sanitizing cleaning approach can help remove odours and disinfect damaged fabrics. Salituro Carpet can apply professional stain guard to help protect against further “accidents”.Salituro Carpet offers free pick-up and delivery of these items for cleaning at our cleaning facility as well.

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