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Drapery Cleaning

Expert Drapery & Blind Cleaning

Draperies and blinds provide function and beauty to your home. Over the years dirt, dust, grease, bugs , smoke and other pollutants accumulate on drapes, blinds and shears and detract from the beauty of drapes, shears and blinds.

Salituro Carpet has cleaned for over 10 years in homes and businesses. Salituro Carpet is a specialist in cleaning and repairing all styles of draperies and blinds.




Our service options include:

  • Expert cleaning of vertical, Venetian, and speciality blinds.
  • Custom alterations and fine repairs.
  • Guranteed parallel pleats with even hems and no shrinkage.
  • Installations and track work.
  • Free drapery take-down and re-hang
  • Flame retardant fire proofing and fire testing.

Salituro Carpet experts provides free in home consulting for you drapery and blind cleaning