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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery/Office DividersSalituro Carpet care specialist put your convenience first. We spot clean your upholstery on site so it’s ready for use the same or next day.

Salituro Carpet use both wet and dry cleaning methods . We pre-test all fabrics to determine the safest ways to clean your upholstery. We also apply nothing but the best in fabric protection. ( 3M Scotchguard ) to extend upholstery life and protect against stains that become permanent. This result is longer lasting and better looking upholstery, and a much healthier working environment.

Salituro Carpet has also cleaned fabric dividers for over 10 years and we take pride in restoring your general office appearance to peak condition. Leather furnishing and hand crèmes-buffed to renew your lustre and appearance.