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Carpet Maintenance Programs

Carpet Maintenance ProgramsSalituro Carpet has serviced thousands of square feet of carpet every month. We have the diversity to offer you a wide range of services, from single cleaning visits to regularly scheduled maintenance programs. We routinely care for some of Toronto’s highest foot traffic commercial locations such as , Queens Park to First Canadian Place and dozens of building around the greater metropolitan area.

Regularly scheduled maintenance of carpet , naturally is where Salituro Carpet can save your business the most savings. When you clean and maintain your rugs from hidden dirt, grime and grease embedded in the carpet fibre you can prevent premature wear and tear and put valuable years on your carpet investment.

Talking with a carpet technician from Salituro Carpet and following his experience and guidance he will establish a convenient schedule around business hrs to provide a detailed scrub and wash or to follow up visit for spot removal or heavy traffic areas. We will diagnosis and restore carpet by carpet and repairs or just odour controls. Whatever the situation arise Salituro Carpet will be their to support your business needs.

Salituro Carpet provide a wide variety of cleaning method from truck mounts to portable and shampoo scrubber. We also offer encapsulation techniques that are state of the art for large commercial offices. Also we use 3M product that are top of the line carpet protection to prevent unwanted stains from reappearing.

We work closely with property managers, tenants and janitorial companies to assure the proper job get done.

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Carpet Maintenance Programs