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Care of Hardwood Floors

Because of the many different finishes on hardwood floors today, it is important to know the manufacturer and follow their recommended cleaning procedures. The following are some general maintenance tips.

  • Maintain proper humidity in your home. Maintain the relative humidity level (between 45% and 55% approx.) throughout the year.
  • Temperature. Keep the temperature in your home between 16 C and 27 C throughout the year. Keep in mind that your flooring will expand and contract depending on the temperature and humidity in your home.
  • Regularly vacuum. This prevents sand or abrasive dust from accumulating and scratching the finish.
  • Wood & water do not mix! Never wash your floors with water, and do not leave water or any other liquid to dry on your floor. Wipe up spots and spills immediately. Avoid vinegar!
  • Never use wax, detergents or soap. These leave behind a greasy film. Avoid all oily cleaning products and commercial cleaning products designed for furniture.
  • Use the proper maintenance product! Ask us about any products designed for cleaning your specific floor.
  • Use floor protection under all furniture and chair legs. This allows their movement and prevents scratching the floor. Protect your floor when moving heavy pieces of furniture. Carry them or place them on a rug, wrong side up, and slide the rug.
  • Avoid high heels. And do not wear shoes that are covered in dirt, gravel or abrasive dust.
  • Repair kits can be useful. They are good for repairing minor marks on your floor. Should an incident leave your prefinished floor damaged, please remember that the affected floorboards may be replaced. Contact Alexanian’s to advise you on repairs of this nature.
  • Pet nails can scratch your floor. Keep pet nails trimmed.
  • Use entrance doormats. Doormats will help prevent dirt and grit from reaching your floors.